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Monday, February 12, 2007

singur follow up

indiatogether has this good article on the SEZ development in china.

China has to feed 22 percent of the world's population on only 7 percent of
land. In July 2005, China's countryside had over 26.1 million people living
in absolute poverty and was home to 18 percent of the world's poor, according to
Chinese Minister Li Xuju quoted in the People’s Daily. Every year, an additional
10 million people have to be fed. Despite this daunting target, between
1996-2005, "development" caused diversion of more than 21 percent of arable land
to non-agricultural uses, chiefly highways, industries and SEZs. Per capita land
holding now stands at a meager 0.094 hectares. In just thirteen years, between
1992 and 2005, twenty million farmers were laid off agriculture due to land

staggering numbers. and will not be very different if we do the same senseless thing. as if we did not have enough of a problem with poverty already in our hands.

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