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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

moonset and sunrise

lovely full moon feb 1 and 2. some pics i took. not a patch on the real thing. hantingly beautiful.

moonset series

moonset 2

sunrise series


Vanessa said...

Nice pics. You seem to be a real Lark....i don't even remember when was the last sunrise i saw.....In Pune though, i have a luxury i never had in Mumbai. I can see the Sunrise from my Living room terrace. i.e if i get up early :-) Did it once just to take snaps. Amazing experience. It's lovely to be able to see the full moon right from the living room sofa.

csm said...

lark as in the bird i presume. i like the breeze and like to swoop and suchlike avian tendencies exist. so you are right.

in mumbai, nature is equal to juhu beach. thats says it all.

Vanessa said...

I have been reading up blogs on self-discipline, being an early riser etc...... seriously.....

That's where i came across this new set of words, wherein late night people are called 'owls' and the early morning ones are called 'Larks'. Thats what i meant.

Nature = Juhu beach is perfect. Will send you snaps i've mentioned above...... if & when i upload them.

csm said...

'its a lark' = 'its a laugh/joke'

thats why i asked.

early birds only get worms.