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Monday, February 05, 2007

election results

1. am glad that the sena-bjp won in mumbai and other municipalities.
2. or perhaps i am glad that the others lost.

could be a mix of both.

statement 1 worries me a bit. statement 2 worries me more.
but without doubt, the congress and ncp are doing a pathetic job at the state level. it is a miracle that maharashtra is still managing investments and such-like with such magnificent bunglers at the helm.

interestingly, there has been a huge overload of coverage in all forms of media this year on the bmc elections. guys like agni and karmayog did a lot of awareness building campaigns, rating candidates, check lists on blogs.

still the overall voting went up only from 42% to 45 % over the last 2 elections. while other municipalities recorded much healthier voter increases. this is certainly a positive sign for our democracy.

still the points 1 and 2 are bothering me.


Vanessa said...

I think, Election results are never pro-xyz party. They are always against-abc party and so xyz wins. Not because it is exceptional.
Thats the whole tragedy, isn't it?

csm said...

thats the classical anti-incumbency factor that the psephologists propound with panache and perspicacity (sorry... got carried away).

tn and kerala are classical examples of voter rotation of parties. after mgr and ems namboodripaad, i dont think anyone ever won 2 in a row.

but i feel that there is voter recognition of good work by any elected person. the cpim in bengal is a good example of continuity at the state level.

while on an average it is noted that the candidates indulge more in an anti-them campaign rather than a pro-me campaign. thats a reflection of our society where we are ready to blame others at thedrop of a hat.

Vanessa said...

Do you have extra RAM fitted in your brains? How do you store, sort and reproduce so much information? And not to forget the vocabulary.
btw, you did not comment on my version of the your BEST bus analogy? Assuming that no offence is taken. (i keep taking these risks)

csm said...

it all comes from reading The Hindu when you are impressionable and not grow on tripe like times of india, dna and other assorted crap.
reading the newspaper was akin to early morning post-bath prayers in typical tam households.

csm said...

i know our generation coul not have grown up on dna...but i guess the drift is clear.