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Sunday, January 14, 2007

expt 5 - living in impossible times

was scheduled to make a presentation at a b-school as part of our placement/recruitment plan.

while our traditional ppt format is quite eye-catching and impressive, i felt that it really was insufficient to push people with such a background into careers with dvpt organisations, more so as teachers!

while mulling this over, a speech i read over a year ago flashed past me. it is a speech titled "living in impossible times" made by nipunbhai in sept 2004.
i must have read it many times a year ago and read it again many time yesterday. it is brilliant.

so the plan was to read out this speeh at the start of the ppt.
while going through the speech over and over again, some parts of me were awakening. i took a print out and made 3 of my friends read it. i read it out to one more.

i started the speech with a "namaste to my brothers and sisters". as against a regular "welcome ladies and gentlemen", this change was from a clarity obtained from the content of the speech.
and many more minor behavioural/interactional nuances.

also many nice remnants from the earlier experiments. smiling a lot on the road, in the presentation.

i am going to stop numbering these experiences henceforth. there is no reason to and there is no expiration date. it is now a way of life.

Addendum: The response from the audience was quite special. Everyone was certainly very engrossed. They spontaneously applauded. I left the URL links and details with them as many wanted to get their hands on a copy. Thanks Nipunbhai :-)


Vanessa said...

Why this change of theme? The previous one was better (white text on black background). This one, what can i say, looks blanch....(Couldn't find a better word....)

Placement plan in a b-school sounds interesting. I doubt how many would be interested though. Would you have considered it for yourself 8 years back? The priorities and the maturity level would would have been different i am sure.

Another question. Whats the secret of your superior language skills and great vocab? Would love to develop similar skills. My English sounds like a school-girl's... i feel, at times.

Anyways, Wish you a happy Pongal...(Thats also the name for the sweetened rice, isnt it? Did not quite like the dish...)

csm said...

switched to new version. looked better in this. easier on the eyes i was told by my consultant. and more importantly easier to print:-) with a net readership of 4 (google-watch out), that is certainly something that needed correction :-)

thanks for the wishes. sakkarai (sugar) pongal is the sweet version. really yummy.
ven (white) pongal is what is cooked during the festival by the farmers. it is a popular breakfast dish as well. really yummy too.

dont compare. you have certain skills and i do.
jithna jyaada hum hul chalayenge, uthna woh chamkega.

Vanessa said...

Hmm...I am not too fond of sweet stuff anyway.
btw, are you working on Sunday? Or u have a pc at home? At least one day a week has to be off, don't you think so?

Vanessa said...

Oh forgot to add, Google keeps track of readership? I didn't know. and 4 is a ranking or average?

csm said...

i dont work...

4 is the count i know:-)

Vanessa said...

Just a suggestion:
Can you make the title center aligned and capitalised, like it was before. And may be the description in a faded colour (a little grey tone), may be italics (Verdana is to strong a font, can be softened in Italics.) I am sorry, but somehow something has been pricking me about this theme.

Thats why the Advice-unasked-for.