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Monday, January 15, 2007

temper and travel

sunday was the day of csm's 3rd hockey match with the boys. the team is playing in the 4th division league and csm joined into the team in december.
this was meeting one of csm's ambitions to coach kids as well as for getting much needed exercise.

younger csm was quite the sportsman, and learnt much from the field as much as from the classrooms. the fighting spirit and 'dont like to lose' attitude stems from hours spent in competitive sport.

for the past 2 matches, csm has been a pain on the field.
without complete buy-in yet, csm takes over central command shouting and screaming plays and moves and what not. half time and full time sermons followed, much to the consternation of some of the boys. though well intentioned, csm's delivery style sucked. and certainly none of the boys would tell.

incidentally, the 2 matches played were heavy losses to vastly superior teams. that surely had hurt the 'winner' in csm.

woke on sunday with 2 desires:
1. to get the boys to win.
2. to change on field and off field approach and coach with positive intent. no ranting on field.

surprise surprise, the opponent is absent and the team gets a walkover. full points. desire #1 met :-)
then team spilts into 2 teams to make good use of time to get well needed practise. splendid game played with lot of vigour and pace and goals.
csm was a nice boy through the game and made a lot of good plays.
temper under check completely:-)
desire #2 also met. boys were in great spirit after the game.

have a really tough next game. csm needs to maintain the temperate force. keep working on it.

while going through the day, csm was only using buses and trains. with little money in the pocket, it was a unplanned situation. but the feeling was supreme. csm always surrounded by people. smiling a lot at all junta. spending 10% of normal travel costs.
will do more often. saves on petrol/diesel/cng as well. good for the environment

such little things make such a nice impact. lage raho csmbhai :-)

this post is deliberately written in the third person as an experiment in differential writing.

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Vanessa said...

Nice one. All the best for the next tough match. And don't expect a walkover this time :-) I do know about your sporting exploits in college, hope you can get back that magic.

I have never seen the bad temper you are talking about. May be, i don't really know you. Or may be, you have been really nice to me.

Just like you have Mumbai life in your veins now, have become a Punekar in just 2 years. Can't even imagine the bus and train travel anymore. And the heat to add to that...ugh ugh. I might not be able to smile in those crowded trains. Would just be looking forward to getting off :-)