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Thursday, January 18, 2007


some weeks ago i decided on some things which i have been pushing back and procrastinating on.
1. i will pursue a masters in education in 2008
2. i will look into teaching at a rural setting (mostly an university) once that is done. and this will be part time, say 2-3 months a year.

nice to get those off the mind and be ready to prepare for them in due course. that also meant that the aim to be close to a rural development setting is taking shape.

couple of other things also were here and hereabouts and i had been dithering over them.

probably as a result of the momentum and other related developments, made some other moves on life.
A. the experience with playing hockey has been quite a startling (not entirely, actually) revelation on my fitness. i remember the first game, when i was out of legs and breath in 5 minutes of running. was more guarded in the next 2 matches so that i can last the entire game.
need to get 2 things done.
1. start a regular fitness routine
2. get a full exam done. fixed for february. been over 7 years since the last time i got a health check up done.

B. went for a basketball tournament last night. seeing live flood lit game after 13 years. awesome experience. i was almost giving a running commentary of the game. the game has always fascinated me, and the years of playing and watching has certainly left a lot of the technical aspects well rooted in me.
it has been a dream of mine to coach a team (i wrote "my own team" to start. high on ego). from children to adults.
now it is time to move on with that dream.
am going to start reading up on the finer aspects of coaching and starting with kids etc. the theoretical aspects. have to figure out a place to start this and of course a group of kids too. and of course a head coach to train under.

see how B fits into A. all part of a continuum.

its happening, right here.

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