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Friday, January 12, 2007

expt 3 - cops night out

on new year eve-new year gap, i went out on this walk to soak up the atmosphere of revelery and joy. i was not planning much as part of my usual stay simple on new year's drive!

suddenly this thought crossed me, "what about the poor". does this day mean anything at all. all the joy is wasted if it is not 'universal' ! (lets not get into that part yet).

and as far as i could see, i could hardly see any 'poor' person.

but i said, "mate, this time you light up smiles on this day".
so went and got some chocolates and put them in pocket deciding to give it to any one i felt needed a cheer with warm 'happy new year'.

was a brilliant experience, an old amma from ulundoorpettai (near my place), balloon sellers, road site workers, udipi thambis. all their reactions made it a special day.

back to present.

thought, why not do it again.
stuffed pocket again and entered the station. thought about distributing in the train.
1. too crowded
2. distributing sweets on trains is a strict no-no :-)
3. felt too much under scanner

then bright idea. all stations are now staffed by 2 cops at least on each platform. great way to thank them for their work and wish them well. they are usually at the receiving end of brickbats.

first 2 were superb. one overjoyed and shook my hand earnestly and his partner was 'whatever'. i was even telling them to throw the wrapper in the trash can!
then one lone ranger, who just lit up the dim over-bridge with this quintillion watt smile!

then 4 security guards at a building site. they waved as i left them with their eclairs.

a group of women and kids at a corner. could not avoid them. gave the kids first. all squirmed deliciously where they sat with vekkam (shy) faces.
then the women said, "what about us?". "of course, "why not". wished them all. sweet mate.

last stop at a naka bandi. bunch of 10 or so huddled around. stepped right into their middle and wished them all and one eclair for each. i even clapped a cop on his shoulder on exit :-)

last 2, i gave to my taxi guy. it was one of my rare silent taxi trips. but more was said in the last 1 minute of our exchange.

simple things make such an impact. i am sure that it is only simple things that can make such an impact. so there.

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Vanessa said...

Really SWEET. What else can i say?