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Tuesday, January 16, 2007



what was an interesting game of hockey has nicely spilled over into life as well. that is while writing about the game on this blog, a realisation on how i lived/acted/reacted was forming. many similarities.

however a gemini i may be, there cannot be disparities on how i behave on the field and in life.

keeping this in mind, wandered into an ATM. as usual, tore up the receipt and absently flung it into the waste bin. bits of paper seized by local eddies and currents, spread into confetti and litter around the bin. obviously many other aspiring paper-propellers have tried and failed at this very same experiment.

confetti strewn around the bin as if it were enjoying a victory parade. ironically, it was losing because it was being used ineffectively!!

bent down and slowly picked up the pieces and made the bin win (unintended).

place looked neat and nice now. got up smiling and then proceeded to arrange the slips and pins and assorted ATM stuff neatly in their slots and places.

no one to watch me do my seva bit. that's perfect, isn't it. no crowd pleasing antics, right.

reached home and spent a long conversation with friend. all these thoughts gushed out like a unhinged faucet (i know they are unrelated, but sounded nice together). laid as much i could on the table, like a surgeon with his tools before a complicated surgery. to summarise, an new coinage to describe these acts and thoughts and the driving emotions with 'herogiri'.

lightening of the mind, enlightening of the mind...

to do more safai hereon.

attempted a 'fiction' writing style (in case you did not get it :-) ) using inappropriate metaphors.


Vanessa said...

Those metaphors were really someting. Did not quite understand the last para- the surgeon's tools and whatever.

Reporting a bug- the homepage -
2. The title Fanaa is there at the top.
3. Now click on any link on the right -link to any individual post previous or current
4. The title disappears.

csm said...


works from my side. checked on 2 comps at diff locations. logged in mode as well as regular surf mode.

a surgeon prepares for a surgery by putting all the scalpels and assorted stainless steel equipment neatly. so that what i was alluding to when i was also laying my inner stuff on the table, albeit much less neatly than a surgeon.

Vanessa said...

Sorry, its working. I noticed this thing day before. so reported.