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Monday, January 22, 2007

raag darbari

have always been a light music fan with a major thing going for rafi and ilayaraja.
of course, i love most other 'legends' almost as much.

while growing up, home exposure was limited to ms's suprabatham in morning, plus carnatic music kutcheris, chitrahaar on DD and minimal stuff otherwise.

was during college, that i moved to recorded music in a big way !!
with neighbours being main source, i added little bits of western music to my repertoire.

through all this, i was never in tune with hindustani music. very little bits here and there.

since this week did 2 things which i never thought i would, but did nevertheless.

rahul sharma at the banganga festival 2007 and ustad amjad ali khan last week.

ustad did 2 own compositions which i could not relate to at all. sound quality was also not that great. strong metallic timbre to the sarod strings.
he must have got it fixed it during the break.

started post-interval with raag darbari of tansen miyaan.
at a many levels, i connected so strongly, i could hardly believe. the tunes and taal all sounded very familiar to old tamil songs i could not put my finger on. but through the aalaap and the composition and the tabla solo, i was transported to rafi/raja zone.
sublime experience.


Vanessa said...

God! Is there anything you don't know about or cannot talk about?

Pradeep said...

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