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Saturday, January 13, 2007

elementary education - budget stats

just a rant.

was checking out the 2006-07 elementary education site and the budgets and expenses till date.

while the major items are on track (fairly simple like if they were paying salaries on time etc), there are some budgetted innovations which are non-starters.
1. literacy campaigns
2. ncert
3. ICT
4. integrated education for challenged children
5. access and equity
6. vocational education

obviously with arjun and his madarins (sic) from mhrd have been busy with the reservation mess. what can we even expect from a bunch of senile goats (apologies to goats). clearly indicates that the govt is willing to let things slide further into the morass.
the whole details is line item "Scheme Wise statement of Expenditure for 2006-07"

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