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Saturday, September 11, 2010

why our PM is bad news

as i read his latest comments on "meet the editors", i shudder that this man is leading our country.
his blind aping of the western model of development through industrialisation shows me that he has stopped learning since he got his economics degree.
a few samples:
1. As per Tendulkar committee's estimates, 37 per cent of the population is below the poverty line. "How are you going to give free food to such a large segment of the population?"

and confirming the 37% figure itself should be treated as a confession of the UPA's ineptitude. and how can he even flaunt this rhetorical question. tragic...
maybe if we could avoid crappy stuff like CWG,we could feed the poor.
and who is asking for free food?

2. The only way we can raise our heads above poverty is for more people to be taken out of agriculture.
and where will you accommodate over 60% of the population? in industry?

am aghast at our PM.


Jayadeep(JDP) said...

Very bad news indeed! He is an absolute disgrace to the country who can only be a puppet in someone's hand who stupidly believes only industrialization(and more slums may be) can save people. There is nothing you can expect from the economists turned politicians who has absolutely no clue what's going on the ground. Disgusting indeed! Shame on Congress party too to have such a stupid puppet of a PM.

Krupakar said...

I had also read this mind-numbing statement from the PM. Even an ordinarily callous citizen would be moved by a such a dramatic premise and the issue highlighted(Peepli Live); but apparently not the elected leader of our country. Marie Antoinette, move over: we have a new winner in the callousness stakes.

Anonymous said...

David Brower, long-time leader of the Sierra Club and Friends of the Earth, once called economics "an advanced form of brain disease."

I think it is a behavioral parasite:

The poor man is infected.

csm said...

coming from the WB, one cannot expect any better from MMS and i am fully inclined to believe the confessions of a economic hitman.
between MMS, PC and MSA we can be certain that destruction is afoot.

shruti said...

'...between MMS, PC and MSA we can be certain that destruction is afoot.'

and well-advanced.
It makes my blood boil that we can seem to do nothing about this blatantly anti-people PM.
And the CWG, you have to 'see' the incredible repeated beating of the people this is with a stone wrapped in a wet cloth, to believe it.
it continues to shock daily, the latest is beggars are being 'moved' and hidden away in plastic shelters they're making in parks. This is actually happening.

I'm so glad you're doing what you're doing.