Eating is an agricultural act - Wendell Berry

Monday, September 06, 2010

the week that was packed

aug 30th to sept 5th.
if we claim to have done a lot of work, we are understating.

1. planted exactly 178 trees. and readied another 90 odd pits for the next planting session (when it rains).
2. dug over 300 feet of trench for the underground water pipeline for watering these trees.
3. set up above piping for around 275 feet.
4. planted a variety of vegetables/greens after de-weeding and clearing up a few vegetable beds.
5. covered an area of around 200 feet long x 15 feet wide (swale mound) with 6 different varieties of green manure (karamani/cow pea, chozham/sorghum, gilki/rattle bean, velvet beans, auwri, thakka poondu/daincha)

we were joined by ananthu and sumathi over the later part of the week.
extremely enjoyable.


Mayank said...

Wonderful work indeed. Its great that people who have that spirit to work are having that much space to really do this much of work.

Unknown said...

Nice label! That IS a lot of work. The landscape should have changed a lot since june!