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Saturday, September 25, 2010

alli thottam

we had planted lillies in our pond in july 2010.

and as of today, these little beauties have multiplied and are looking gorgeous.

point return is known locally as kathadi pannai/kathadi thottam (the windmill farm).

we are looking for an alternate moniker.
maybe alli thottam (lily farm) could be it.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see the water lilies in your farm. Especially when most village scenes have been reduced to wall art (during the Classical Tamil conference), but have disappeared otherwise.

Anonymous said...

You should name it as "Mullai Thottam" for the Sangam landscape full of trees, flowers and millet which is what I hope PR will become in the coming years. Oh...don't forget to plant some Jasmine. What's a Mullai thottam without Jasmine.
Good luck folks!

Vanessa said...

How are Lillies different from Lotuses? Um..Is that too ignorant a question?
btw, Robot releases Oct 1. Rajnikanth and Aishwarya. Quite a predicament for you. :)

csm said...

anon - yes. more flowers are being planned.

v - lillies have their leaves resting on water, lotuses have theirs' higher that the water.
the more obvious difference is in the petal size and flower formation. lillies' petals are more opened out, while lotus' petals are more densely packed and forms a urn-like shape