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Saturday, September 11, 2010

china is getting into a deeper hole

annual car sales in china is expected to be over 15 million in 2010.
and this is in a slow down year for the industry.
this is more masochism than macho as the drivers on the 10 day jam near beijing will confirm.

how can any city cope with this?
i consider this as a clear portender of china's slide. economically and environmentally.

the poor road infrastrucutre (level and quality) in india is certainly welcome. this is welcome inefficiency.


Anonymous said...

much of the environment in india has been disrupted mostly through agriculture, and recently by mining. for a tropical region, there are hardly any birds in tamil nadu. china's pursuit of growth at all costs will come to bite over the long term, but india is hardly in a position to preach to china. we continue to be enamoured of big centralized solutions, totally ineffective for a densely populated tropical country like ours. once "flooding" in north east is "controlled" by big dams, another bio-diverse region will vanish.

Anonymous said...

"the poor road infrastrucutre (level and quality) in india is certainly welcome. this is welcome inefficiency."

What was this? Are you saying don't create infrastructure so that people who are able to generate wealth and develop economically should not buy vehicles? Or rather, let there not be anything that encourages growth other than agri? Is that the solution being proposed? Seems like that removing 'famine' type solution of GOI.:)

csm said...

anon 2 - public transport infra is a must. this has to happen with correponding control on private vehicle population. the reasons are quite obvious.
since i do not see how our govt will do the latter, i prefer to let infra suffer and not 'develop'.
there are things which have to be done in synchrony.