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Sunday, September 19, 2010

rice field - update

yes. this is update weekend.

we got a lot of excitement on this blog when we planted rice.
and then rains hit us and the rice was submerged.
there was hardly any let up and this state (submersion) continued till middle of last week.

an encouraging anon comment mentioned that rice would survive this.

and some of them did. check the photo of the field as of 18 sept.

a closer look shows that a few saplings have managed to survive the onslaught. it would be less than 5% of the planted area. but you can imagine how tough these seeds must be.

we had anticipated this flooding and had planted a mini nursery.

and we transplanted them onto the field and now we have a very small patch of rice growing and now are confident that these will be harvested.


Ananthoo said...

enna pa athu..navabi kolam pulli kolam aayiduchi..
anyways am thrilled to see those survivors!
all ur updates are great.have fun people..harvest loads..i shall come back to feast them by year end:-)

Purvs said...

nice Tee ;)

csm said...

anathai - trying to get local ponni rice saplings and plant the rest of the area.

purvi - good catch :-)