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Saturday, September 18, 2010

millets - updates

we had planted varagu/kodo millet and thinai/foxtail millet around mid august.

we had tons of rains the day after each sowing. since we did not plough the field after broadcasting them, we feared that they may have got washed away.
but of course - rookie farmer fears.

this is the varagu field. it took nearly 14 days to sprout and is a slow grower (150 days+ crop) and made us sweat it out.
we took the opportunity of the sporadicity to plant chozham/sorghum in rows along one part of the patch. think that there is some 'friendly interaction' that is likely here.

this is the thinai field. is just an amazing blaze of lush green. in 3 months, we should be harvesting this field.

we are quite certain that these 2 millets will become part of our regular agriculture and thence our diet.
and here is the best part. both will be entirely rain fed this year and if we crack the 'no-tilling code', rain fed agriculture will be our mantra.


ramurthy said...

very nice info.i came to know ur blog from ananthoos blog.i am satheesh from chennai.i have some queries regarding my land which is in a village near by tiruvannamalai.can you give ur mailid.

csm said...

hi ramurthy,
sriramskd AT gmail DOT com

Kishore said...

Good to see.

Must be very stisfying

csm said...

yes kishore. it is a joy.