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Sunday, May 13, 2007

taste change

something has changed this time in bangalore.

i first came here in 1996. don't count earlier times as i was too small to realise stuff.
it was for the quarter final of the 96 cricket world cup - india v pakistan.
totally super charged atmosphere. saw it live. my first time. quite awesome, more so with the victory. (cricket since doesn't have much appeal anymore)

still somehow i never got to like the place as a city. for sure, i did not get to spend enough time getting around. but you how these first impressions are...

since 96, i have come enough times on business and leisure. without a single exception, the distaste or aversion or dislike of the city continued and even grew. the travel/traffic has been tiresome, and the ITness etc., never scored points with me.

ff to 2007. here i am again in bangalore and with a new frame of reference. i am surely staying in a more relaxed site and the easy pace of banglaore is very much in evidence. that's nice. the weather has been outstanding (worth standing out for). especially after the sizzler in chennai.
i like it here. this is the real banglaore we heard about... the garden city and all that.

this may change after a joust with the new banglaore. but nevertheless, this experience has led me to realise that rigidity is useless, especially of the mind and of the notions we carry.
be open to relooking at earlier established norms.

p.s.: since i wrote this, i did a small errand and while thinking about this taste change, i also realised that this could be a double rebound scenario. first was a sweltering and muggy bombay which i endured for a month and then a blast furnace evening in chennai. with this, there is a chance that bangalore waltzed right through. still taste change...


Vanessa said...

When did your brother shift from Pune to Bangalore?
We were in Goa this weekend. Eventful 2 days where we lost Shreya's cap, sandals, my specs (regular happenings) and the more painful one - my digicam even befre we reached Goa...:-( Just cannot get it out of my mind...

csm said...

2 months ago.

losing things is good test. of attachement and detachment.
if your mind is so good at remembering things thensurely you need no digital substandard version.

good luck.

Vanessa said...

you r right on the attachment thing - i almost feel as if i've lost a baby.
u r right on the memory thing as well - i never needed a telephone diary some years back, simply remembered all numbers. And now, am a slave to the "digital substandard" - my cell...
I never forget people, places, birthdays, anniversaries.... Incidents get etched on my mind forever. But all that memory is slowly but surely fading. Happens as you get older.... :-)

csm said...

happens more as you let it waste away enslaving yourself to the modern day useless 'amenities'.

read somewhere that the human mind has multiple terrabytes level memory capacity if it is measured in the same scale as computers, but obviously much more complex and powerful.