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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


one stream of my daily news dose comes from rediff.
they allow discussion boards for people to post their comments on the stories.

it is quite hilarious at times. but more often it is depressing. some questions.
1. how do people have so much time for drivel creation?
2. why is there so much hate?
3. why cant they learn a language before they try to swear in it? (that's always the fist thing one does while learning a new language).
4. why don't they stick to the topic in question?

here is why i went a bit cold today. tragedy of hamletian proportions. the global warming scenario will see the likely extinction of peanuts.

there goes a potential nobel, melted away in the intense smorgasbord of NOx and COx. the greenhouse effect has scorched away the pathbreaking ludwig-csm nut index. this blog would have been called chaana in recognition to the humble nut.
not a good day mates. not good.

* gutted/muted/neutered

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