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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

karunanidhi's record

tn has been in the news recently with the much publicised spat between the marans and the core DMK family, which led to the unfortunate mob frenzy which killed 3 innocent journalists.

see some news items here and here on related matters.

all this happened on the eve of a historic occasion, the 50th year of karunanidhi as a legislator.

this means that from 1957 till date, he has won in every local MLA election held. that is 11 consecutive elections. and add his 5 tenures as the CM of tamilnadu, this is impressive in any field of work. to win through the MGR frenzy and the emergency times calls for some staying power.
also to be seen in the light of the fact that he has a literary presence which is significant in quality and large in quantity. adding up to an impressive achievement overall.

having linked all this and said all of the above, i don't have much respect for him.
he has had the chance to raise above the muck and dirt of indian politics to blaze a unique path, but he has shown his failings and inanity like every other run of the mill neta.

there is nothing like a legacy that he leaves behind politically. i don't expect him to last too long and when he is gone, it is countdown to curtains time for the party.

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