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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

conversion confusion

read this case which got dropped in my lap.

1. lady x is born into islam
2. marries a hindu and gets converted to hinduism and now is named x*
3. has 2 children who are hindua and b
4. husband dies, she reverts back to islam, i.e., name x
5. marries again to another hindu y, but this time, the husband converts to islam as y*
6. has another child, c, who is pure muslim
7. has 2 properties, one in her hindu name x* and one joint with husband 2 in their muslim names, x and y*.
8. ration card has all their hindu names.
9. a gets married to a muslim and is now a*
10. b also takes on a new muslim name b*
11. x is now on her deathbed with AIDS
12. her original sister has all the official documents and is looking at possessing the property.
13. x wants to make a will leaving all to husband y* and children from all marriages, a*, b* and c.

now tell me who has the most interesting job in the world.


Vanessa said...

Why do you do this to your poor readers?

csm said...

why do people do this to me....

it is all part of life's infinite challenges.
when you think you have major comples life, then this kind of thing puts lot into context.

i have not even written about how vulnerable the kids may be to HIV. how much trauma it is to see one's mother dying. the feeling of helplessness.
and podhakkuraikku (in the middle of all this mess) the reckless fight for property.
not pretty.

Vanessa said...

Really not pretty.
Life is always complex. The more you try to simplify things, the more complex they get.
This one reminded me of the saying - I stopped complaining about having no shoes until i saw someone with no legs.