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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

melting pot

this is not in reference to new york or mumbai which are popular culture mishmash cities and hence melting pots.

this refers to the end result of a pot kept out in the sun in chennai today. it would have melted in the intense heat.

apparently it was the hottest day of the season (this is from sun TV news) bangalore, much to my dismay.

started getting overcast towards the end evening, but never really made much of a difference. i over extended it to a csm effect in cooling down things.

need to figure out ways to literally chill out.


Vanessa said...

You have develeoped a Brit style obsession with weather.

csm said...

point taken.
it is not an obsession yet.

i think i am seeing a lot of extremities more closely than most and i am really bothered by these changes.

was wondering if to have a separate series only on weather.