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Monday, May 28, 2007

manual scavenging

the most demeaning job in the world is manual scavenging.
even after it has been deemed illegal in 1993, lakhs of people are employed in this work.
it is the shit economy, stupid. this is india stinking.

it is the end of human dignity, a collective slur on our society that this is still practised.
more so, when potential solutions exist.

the national human rights commission and planning commission has ordered (in 2003) the complete elimination by 2007 (as of now).
but progress has been slow, deliberately.

i first read their account in harsh mander's 'Unheard Voices: Stories Of Forgotten Lives'.
i did not sleep that night, enraged.
the stories are soul scarring.
had a chance to hear him speak today. was reminded of that night.

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