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Sunday, June 13, 2010

'tutoring' at pR

after spending over 9 years with sahyog and 6 years in akanksha, i will confess to the plain fact that i like spending time with children.
and will be less than humble in adding that i have a decent knack of interacting with children!!

so the Q was, "will this continue at pR?", "will ballelakka allow such interactions?"
Yes. for both the Qs.

it is imperative as responsible community member, and agreeing with the local economy funda of wendell berry, that we add our positive energies towards fulfilling the needs of the community.

so we offered to 'tutor' two girls from the neighbouring family on a once a week basis.
sisters in the 3rd std and 7th std. referred to as "T&B" henceforth.
from a household of 6 adults and 2 children. with limited to zero friends in the neighbourhood.
from a farming family doing pretty well.
going to an english medium school in the nearby town.

today was the 3rd session with them.
there is enough reason to what i said in line 3.
but they are enjoying it so much that they do not want to go home (while it could mean how good we are, it probably means how bored they are at home) . phew...

time to test my several 'radical' educational hypotheses?
as a start, i am discarding 'having objectives'.
others as time flows.

it is time to build trust and familiarity.

for simple ethical reasons, names and photos will not be used in reference to T&B.

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