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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

trees over schooling - part deux

my current preference on trees over schooling seems to be old hat after all.
a village in bihar has an established norm on planting trees on the birth of a girl child.

In Dharhara village, Bhagalpur district, families plant a minimum of 10 trees whenever a girl child is born.

And this practice is paying off.

Nikah Kumari, 19, is all set to get married in early June. The would-be groom is a state school teacher chosen by her father, Subhas Singh.

Mr Singh is a small-scale farmer with a meagre income, but he is not worried about the high expenses needed for the marriage ceremony.

For, in keeping with the village tradition, he had planted 10 mango trees the day Nikah was born.

The girl - and the trees - were nurtured over the years and today both are grown up.

ok, this does necessarily mean 'over schooling', it is a double thumbs-up for trees.
the practise of dowry is demeaning and needs to be eliminated from our society. will education change this practise? evidence does not support this claim.
are trees providing an economic alternative to prolong this practise??


Kishore said...

Simple things, done right, changes the world for the better.

SurveySan said...

no time for Ravan?