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Saturday, June 12, 2010

super rain week and nursey rhyme ban appeal

june 6th to june 12th has been a rollicking weekend.
4 days of fully overcast skies.
3 days of long drizzly spells and 1 heavy spell.
this is the third rain spell this season.
quite a bounty!!
first here and second here.

around 3-4 cm rain in my estimate.
hearing that this is the best june in many years in this region.
we are happy, the plants are beaming, the pond has risen by 2 inches+, the ditches and the swales and the canals have their puddles and are feeding more into the land.
the land has to have soaked up tons of water.
am sure that farmers are all loins girded up for the upcoming july/aug season.

in this context, i appeal to all educators reading this page to ban this nursery rhyme...
'rain, rain, go away.....'

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