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Friday, June 04, 2010

trees over schooling

i would highly recommend that parents spend their money on planting a few trees for their children as against spending it for 'convent education'.
the lower middle class scrounge for over 15 years to put their children through an education system, which is at best, a failed one.
in contrast, trees are the best teachers in the world. and under them are the best classrooms.
and they also have economic value. so those who harp on that notion for education should be silenced.


Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

we are talking of a lot of trees here. the following is the fee structure in the kenny household (i.e., us, and associated cook and maid):

1. V - 3.5 K (Son: 6th std) & 1.2 K (daughter: 4th std.)
2. C - 6.6 K (daughter: 1 std.)
3. K - 10x that (monster: 2nd std.)

The 250 Rs. for the field trip is apparently included in the fees. Since the books also double as work books, we are strongly urged not to buy them second hand. I spent the afternoon wrapping a gadzillion books in brown paper, which has a plastic glaze on it which is new to me.

I am trying to stay positive anyhow, the choice is made, the choice is made...

csm said...

V, C, K - short form of mom names?

plastic glaze is old hat. have seen it around from 2003-04.

get started on the trees. at least it makes sense to do both now :-)

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

csm, two moms (K is Kenny) and a dad, who is my gardener cum household help person. they are a good gang i like them a lot. will start some teaching soon, once i get over my current feeling that english education is useless...

garden is growing well btw. have not made the mitthi but last month we had really very good keerai & bhindi. now that its raining i think we can get back to that. i myself need tree education incidentally. thankfully the university and our own campus is within running distance and i get out in my shoes every chance i get!