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Saturday, May 22, 2010

handling a bull run

the master trainer - look at the stance and the poise.

learning the ropes

going solo (after 10 mins of training!!)

this is ballelaka at its most elemental.

and action photography at its best.


dv said...

despite being a co-resident, i get a fresher view of the goings on at pointReturn from your reports.
the pictures of your ploughing session look more interesting than the actual event i witnessed.
your dance in still photos is far more aesthetic than when seen in motion.

Vanessa said...

For a moment I thought the person in the first snap is talking on a cell-phone :) There are no laws for using mobile while ploughing I assume :)

Anyways nice photos. Seems like you have lost oodles of weight. I need to come there for a boot camp :)

Ekluvya said...

This is so humbling. I tried this in appa’s farm a long time ago…Naan maadu otta poi, maadu yenna ottidichu..

csm said...

pR - :-) pics almost tell another story.
v - he is talking on a phone. of course it is impossible to talk and plough at the same time.
have shed 6 kgs.
@ekluvya - these were very nice and kind bulls