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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

para-hovering at zamin endathur

zamin endathur is the name of the main village close to point return.
those who read this post carefully, would have come across the link to Adventure Zone.
it is run by Maj SR Roy, our neighbour and a good friend.

he was kind enough to offer a trip up on his parachute.
we did not parasail, we hovered being tied up on a jeep.
and got a better look at the local topography than what google maps offers.

getting kitted up...

up, up and away...

we were around 200 ft above the ground.

and to keep us grounded and safe, the jeep...

others need to go to a special place to enjoy adventure sports.
we do it in our backyard :-)


Unknown said...

it's a wonderful feel to be up there,plus the view of the land below. had a chance to do it while at agartala, pretty close to the bangladesh border (barely 7 kms). the country had then been hit by flash floods and all i could see was water and tree tops - still a very vivid image, these images serve as photographic memories! how was the landing?

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

we had this in our ncc thing in school. most of the safety norms were probably violated but it was a fun thing for those of us that are not afraid of heights and so forth! now i know where i can go for it again!