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Saturday, May 29, 2010

heat is on - again

the last 10 days has been a relentless heat spell.
the weather in chennai is a close approximation of the weather at pR.

inside the pavilion, the heat has reached upto 40 deg C (on May 27) and has hovered in the high 30s otherwise.
10 am to 4 pm is strict indoors time.
the plants are getting their regular share of watering and care.
many are struggling through this phase. we may have lost one cucumber vine and many that we planted post the rains have just not germinated.
a good set of lessons to learn about may heat and growing vegetables.

last time i cribbed on the heat is 3 years ago.


Aniket said...

Can imagine the situation ... glad that u r spending more time indoor!

We are just from residential trng .. missed u a lot boss !!!

csm said...

smilesbhai - all set for the new year, eh.
2 years down brother.
can you believe how fast the babies have grown :-)
my time at such events are well and truly over.
dont think i can even talk anymore in front of people :-)