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Monday, May 10, 2010

kezhvaragu koozhu - ragi porridge

continuing the series on millets, here is a summer-time breakfast dish that is right out of the farmer's home - kezhvaragu koozhu (the tamil 'zh' phonetic is sometimes too much effort even for us and we shorten it to 'koo').

ragi powder/flour - 1 cup (one can either use sprouted ragi powder or the plain powder)
cooked rice - half a cup
water - 4 to 5 cups

1. mix the ragi flour with water onto idli/dosa batter viscosity. do this in the morning and let it ferment till the evening (approx 10 hours). it will not rise like idli/dosa batter.
2. take a pot and boil water.
3. add the ragi batter slowly and keep mixing.
4. once added, sim the flame and stir till ragi is cooked. this is take approx 15 mins. do not use pressure cooking.
5. add the cooked rice and mix in well (usually people use leftover cooked rice from lunch/dinner).
6. at the end of the cooking, it will have pongal type consistency.
7. let it cool overnight.
8. have it in the morning (for breakfast) by mixing it with buttermilk, salt and onions. onions are compulsory. the farmers have it at a thick drinkable consistency and bite into full size onions.
you can do enhancements with pickles, moar milagai, left-over sambar/kozhambu, crushed appalam/vadam/vathal, etc.

other internet recipes here and here.

am told that there are handcarts in chennai which sell this delicious porridge in many locations. if around, do look for them.

we are having this 3-4 times a week now. simple, nutritious, cooling and sumptuous.


Anonymous said...

You may want to clarify if the ragi is whole ragi or flour. I presume you mean flour (of the two links you posted, one clarifies, one is also vague).

csm said...

@anon - good catch. have amended the post itself to clarify.
there is no recipe i know/come across that uses ragi as whole.
if anyone knows, please to share.