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Sunday, April 12, 2009

whats your favourite game?

i ask this buoyant 8 something year old girl, who has gleefully ensconced herself on a swing, oscillating to much joy.
she named 2 games, which i had never heard of.
she went on to explain that she played them at the malls and both of them involved some violent 'stepping on something', 'firing at something'.
she also named the 2 malls where she played these games.
the swing, झुला, i remember, used to be the sole occupant in the top ten list of favourite games amongst girls। but that was over 10 years ago.
needless to say, i shuddered at how much out-of-sync i am with the latest generation. and this unsynchronised state is likely to stay.


Vanessa said...

At the malls, i like the game which lets me drive. all real, steering wheel, accelarator, brakes..Not the crashes thankfully :)
To fight boredom on a road-travel, there was this game we played ages ago. Check number plate of vehicle in front, insert +/-/*// signs in between the numbers and get result 10. whoever does that first wins.
Of course, never liked by the numerically challenged me :)

csm said...

kids need a healthy dose of outdoor activities on a daily basis.
the mall environment is not something i enjoy.