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Sunday, April 19, 2009

out of school children, education...turmoil

getting kids into school.
i would think that this the biggest investment made by society, which includes:
1. parents getting admissions into nursery/kindergarten.
2. major projects like the SSA (Sarva Shiksha Ahiyan).
3. major NGO initiatives across the country.

the statistics show that the number of out of school children is dropping.
good news?
i think not.
partly due to shocking news like this.
partly due to my interest in home schooling.
partly due to the depressing culture of schooling.
partly due to the intense "business-ification" of education.

1. schools have a significant role in society and society has a significant role to play in schools. undoubtedly.
2. there are many great schools and admirable educators out there. but, most prefer to operate in heavily walled confines and hence are probably creating higher imbalances.
3. schools should shape society but is also a reflection of society. a circular reference problem.

this is just a reflection of the turmoil in my mind. solutions are still far away.
to be continued.


Purvs said...

I don't think I still understand your fascination with home schooling. What do you think you will be able to achieve by not sending your child to school?

csm said...

i decided around 5 years or so ago to educate 'my kids' (if ever i went that route). i decided thus based on my belief in myself as well as some level of disillusionment with all the schools i had seen and heard at that time.
btw - this is way before i even heard about HS, etc.

from living in a city perspective, i can understand that you are unable to understand, 'cos HS appears very elitist in its current avtaar. i would also find it difficult to implement HS in mumbai.

you could read this story which neatly encapsulates my stand -

at this point of time, i think HS offers a much better environment to create 'neighbourhood schools' than the govt based public schools system.
so thats another reason for me to be interested in this format.

experience, nature and parents are more than sufficient teachers for any child. thats my personal maxim.