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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a brief insight into the state of education

can be got from this tragi-comic post on deesha - atanu in conversation with his nephew.
Me (Atanu): So which grade do you go to?

Sibling’s son: I will be going to class 12 after this summer vacation.

M: Which school?

SS: I go to college.

M: What’s it called?


M: What does that stand for?

SS: Don’t know.

and so on it goes to highlight the level of 'i dont care for school/college' bravado.

in his analysis...
I told the parental units that the problem is that they are basically making their son stupid by giving him the false impression that learning has something to do with paying a lot of money to “tuition.” What is being missed in the whole exercise is the main lesson: that you have to read stuff to understand stuff. No one else can read it on your behalf.
I told the parents, you have rewarded his unreasonable behavior with goodies and thus reinforced the behavior. The kid now knows that all he has to do is threaten to leave home and he will get his way.
and in conclusion...
It may appear as if the kids are screwing up. I don’t think the kids are the problem. It’s the adults who are primarily to blame. And the retarded system of “education.” It needs change. Too bad that the change will happen too late to help the present kids.
retarded system of education!
i agree.

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