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Sunday, April 12, 2009

bird watching = meditation

meditation usually has an image on someone in a 'legs-folded-pose' type, chanting silently and stuff like that.

that's only one form of meditation.

the true essence of meditation, is when one is able to disassociate one's mental presence and physical presence and able to be at peace.

this can be achieved through multifarious methods.
one of these, which i have been recently introduced into, is 'bird-watching'.

it is quite an extra-ordinary practice. like viewing birds through a prayer-lens. a lens which instills devotion and bhakti.
to be still, to be patient, to be slow, to observe the intricate details in the plumage, the beak, the song, the tree/plant on which they plant themselves, etc, etc., is like eating a mango, drinking coffee or watching a flower bloom:-) sublime experience.

it is definitively meditation.
and highly recommended.


Ludwig said...

yay, a convert! :) so is medium distance running...

csm said...

choultry - apparently there are more than 100 forms of meditation.
without counting them, simple definition will say that wherever/whenever one is able to invest one' full consciousness into an activity, thats THE place.