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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

seeing, hearing is false, only trust serious research

the title is a poor translation of a brilliant kural.

was discoursing a batch of students who had raised many questions around J&K such as:
1. should we bomb pakistan?
2. is kashmir issue the root of all the problems?
3. why is india not rooting out the terrorism in kashmir?
4. what is the status of the border?
5. why dont we drive pakistan out of kashmir?

though we are all far removed from J&K, we still harbour serious positions and opinions on the state of J&K (though it is a fact that it is universally called Kashmir).
my responses to the students was around the title.

and i get back home to read the latest news reports, and...
the elections for the 2009 J&K State Assembly have been on for more than a month.
A mega complicated exercise by the election commission, as it is being held in multiple stages.
Media has been ebullient about the people's participation. Voter turnouts have been over 60%.

But then, here is some fresh info.

trust only serious research...but what is serious research anyways??


Vanessa said...

Did u check Kashmir in Google maps? Its border is a dotted line, disputed territory.

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

serious research. ha ha.

csm said...

not only google maps.
check any international map of india and the area which we call POK is usually marked as part of Pakistan.
which is not an issue. there is a 'line of control -' which is the current boundary from the perspective of the armed forces.