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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

engineer turned farmer

this is close to what i want to do and be...
there is one statistic in slide 7.
My target is a net income of Rs 100,000 per annum per acre. I have achieved up to Rs 50,000.
at this level, the maximum potential profitability is Rs 1 lakh per acre.
and after 10 years of working, madhavan is at 50% level.
two points:
1. our regular farmers must be then in a severe financial mess. apparent from all the suicides we read about.
2. farming allows only a certain level of income, within which the family should learn to live, for it to be a long term and sustainable occupation/life.

point 2 is key life lesson we (farmers) have forgotten. and has led to disastrous methods of mono-cropping, dependence on chemicals, etc.

it is liberating to read such fresh approaches amongst our generation.


Vanessa said...

csm, thanks for ur comment. I would specially like a perspective on this one-

Vanessa said...

Yeah, I did say sorry :)
Have not written anything much after that. Will do it soon.