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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Flow - movie on water crisis

today's daily good led me onto this interesting movie - Flow.
talks about the water crisis.
the trailer is here.

i expect that it features the stories from india - plachimada, mehdiganj, kala dera, etc.

on this same note read this nat geo article on 'bottled water vs tap water' and the accompanying smashing photo.

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Cory said...

I just watched this movie yesterday and felt compelled to blog about it.

I thought that the movie's heart was in the right place, but that its message came off all wrong. For me it was disjointed, superficial in its presentation of many of the problems and carried the message 'corporations and the US government are evil, and all problems flow from them.' It's a message I don't completely buy. I also found the movie's conclusions to be somewhat simplistic.

I would be interested in hearing other's thoughts on this movie.