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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

pattern or coincidence

this mail has been going around since a few days commenting on the sinister connection of the terror attacks in india in 2008 with the number 13.

May 13 - Jaipur
June - nothing
July 26 - Ahemdabad
August - nothing
Sep 13 - Delhi
Oct - nothing
Nov 26 - Mumbai
Dec - nothing

whatever be the case, (i would pitch for pattern) i can bet that on Jan 13, india will be on tenterhooks.

updated info based on airspy comment
Dec 13 2001 - parliament

out of pattern
8 Sept 2006 - Malegoan (suspicion is on Hindu terror modules)

wikipedia list of terror attacks in india


Airspy said...

Last week, I heard the PM paying tributes to those who fell defending the Parliament attacks. (was it 2001?).

The date was December 13 for sure.

Got to go back in years to figure out this pattern further.

Vanessa said...

airspy- The first i remember was march 12 1993. Then there was march 13 2003 - Mulund railway station. Parliament attack was 2001

jan 13? ...we'll be in india. God knows whats in store.

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

by the way there is still Dec 26th to go.

csm said...

airspy - thanks. this year - 2008 - has a pattern. all the rest would be force-fitting.

v - nothing will happen on jan 13. other than some berserk farmers from punjab and tamilnadu ballyhoing in full earnest in preparation for Baisakhi and Pongal.
And of course, aamchi manoos going 'Tilgul ghya aani goad goad bola'.

kenny - dec 26th will always be the tsunami anniversary. nothing else to fear.

god bless.

Vanessa said...

Tilgul Yummm... thanks for reminding. There's also this thing called Gul-poli. Filling of sesame, jaggery, besan etc. just like puran poli. MIL makes nice ones.