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Thursday, April 07, 2011

yunus is bangladesh's MMS !!

the hindu's haroon habib reports on the tussle between mohd yunus and the bangladesh government over control of grameen bank.

the latest news states that the bangladesh supreme court has upheld the government's removal of yunus from the post of Managing Director.
good for bangladesh.

i am convinced that america+world bank+IMF and their tribe has been grooming yunus to take on senior positions on the government and then pull their yoke. just like MMS has been doing their dirty work in india along with other economic hitmen like MSA and PC.

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Surio said...

It took me a while to figure the TLAs ;-) but once I got them, it was hilarious reading.

"Two Sikhs and a Tamilian" ;-) Was my guesswork right?

I agree with your sentiment. I have no kind words for these Kleptocrats and Plutocrats, and of late, the Netocrats (in its perjorative meaning) that they've created in the bargain.