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Friday, April 08, 2011

brick making frenzy

we made 1000 bricks till february end with an initial hunch-based estimate.
turns out that we were well off the mark. the actual number required is close to 1700.
the walls are half-way done and we ran out of the 1000 in just 3 days of work.

so over the last 2 weeks we have been in an frenzied state to complete the balance bricks and get on with the walls.
we have no animal power to help this time.(all local labour busy with peanut harvest) and  it is over 7 deg Celsium hotter than february.


SC said...

I just saw this site, I am guessing you know about it from your Mumbai stint, but some of the visitors may not. I found the post on making Amrit Mitti interesting.

Picture of the terrace farm:

Anonymous said...

Hello Everybody

I am Vinod from London and I have been following your work at point return for a long time and I am impressed with the progress.

I have a small 'allotment' in London where I grow vegetables/fruits. It has been a kind of my version of Point Return for the last 3 years.

I came across a permaculture project as below which I thought you may find it interesting and your work is worth mentioning here.

Perhaps you may already know about this.


csm said...

thanks sc and vinod.
vinod - well done and good luck. you will get a lot of chances at using/recylcing organic matter from a variety of sources in the city. you should read more of for urban intensive vegetable growing :-)