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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

groundnut harvest

from our effort last year with the groundnut harvest with the neighbours, we were inspired to grow our own.
and late december 2010, we planted around 1500 sq feet. it is a 100+ days crop and requires a decent amount of watering (moisture especially is very critical during the nut development stage) and a couple of de-weeding efforts to ensure that the root space is free from encroachment.
after 100 days, the field is ready for harvest.

a closer look at the plant. it is said that when the leaves acquire black spots, it is ready for harvest.
we just pulled out a couple toward the end of  the 100 days to verify.

the field will need to be deeply watered on the previous evening to allow easy pull out.

unlike last time, we resorted to manually plucking method to remove the nuts from the roots.

the nut loot was around 17 kgs. and just the nuts will be 10 kgs.

spread out for drying for at least 4 days and then it is ready for storage.
overall the yield was much lower than than our neighbours.
our yield was 445 kgs per acre.
neighbouring yields this year are around 720 kgs per acre.
expected normal standard yields are around 1050 kgs per acre.
market rate is Rs 38/kg.

our nuts tasted sweeter and looked healthier than those of our next-field neighbours. but that could just be our bias...!
plan to convert most of the nuts to cooking oil.

p.s. - we also harvested around 4 kgs of sesame this year, up from 3 kgs of last year.
and much less ado than the previous time. but the quality of last year was better.


Musings said...

How you are going to convert ground nut into cooking oil. Manually? Or do you some machinery within the site?. It is a good harvest considering what Point return has been previously.

csm said...

musings - using our piteba oil press.

Narsi said...

From the pictures, it appears, the nuts look healthy. It's, indeed, great considering the quality of the soil. Irrespective of the yield, it's the feeling that's more important. Keep it up.

Ananthoo said...

hey looks sooper..looks good too..will some samples remain till May when we come to taste it?

Yugandhar said...

'Nuts' of love, labor, patience, perseverance and belief.
Congratulations team pR!!!