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Thursday, April 07, 2011

anna is on a fast track

annabhau hazare is an iconic personality. from village swaraj at ralegaon siddhi to a crusade against corruption, he never flinches to take on the powers.

he is now on a fast unto death to enact the Jan Lokal Bill.

i support him and his movement whole-heartedly.
and i salute his strength and desh-bhakti.


Ludwig said...

Very sketchy knowledge about all this, but read this also today. Who will watch the watchmen? Why will this institution be different?

Krupakar said...

Mr.Sridharan also has a nice intro to Anna at

Anonymous said...

yes, agree with Ludwig, who will watch the watchmen? You can't keep adding layers one over the other to control corruption, what we see today is just a reflection of society. You can't have a corrupt leadership with good, uncorrupted populace. So don't think Anna's efforts will get us very far when it comes to controlling corruption, but many bit players will get to enjoy the limelight.