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Thursday, March 03, 2011

veggies galore

you were notified about our vegetable planting.
starting early december, we had increased our vegetable growing area very significantly and had moved onto newer methods.
and inspite of losses due to wilt, we have already breached all 2010 numbers.

Jan – Feb
Tomato 19.91
Radish 10.32
Pumpkin 5.4
Okra 1.27
Brinjal 1.62
Kaaramani 0.29
Bitter gourd 2.39
Ridge Gourd 0.91
Winged Bean 1.2
Beans 3.1
Avarai 1.51
Total 47.92
of this total, february is 39 kgs by itself.
the whole data is public. so go and check for yourself.

we also have a surplus of lettuce which we are not including as weighed produce.

since early feb, we have bought only around 2 kgs of onion and 1 kg of potato. so we have now a good sense of how this season works.

as it gets hotter we are hoping that the gourds (ash, snake, ridge, bitter, bottle) will start their production in april.


Kishore said...

Wonderful to see the progress that you are making.

To take a wasted land and turn it to productivity with hard work, patience and love is to be admired and appreciated.

Keep it up and for now we will share your journey vicariously.

SC said...

Would onion grow at point return?

SC said...

I am guessing you already know about this, but in case it has not appeared in your radar:

Maybe a good option if you have plans to forest the hillside.

madhavi said...

hey sriram nice going with the vegetables - your own food, house - what next, maybe keep some honey boxes with all the veg and fruit flowers around.

csm said...

sc - it will and it is growing (we think) :-)
have seen the groasis before and although the hill is lush byitlsef, we do plan to eventually do some afforestation in the neighbouring unclaimed locations.

m - maybe. think that "honey belongs to bees" is a strong case to be explored and understood.

Unknown said...

Me think, tomato belongs to tomato plant, no?

Jellicles said...


we want you on facebook!!

Anonymous said...


I have a message for the webmaster/admin here at

Can I use some of the information from your blog post above if I give a link back to this website?


SurveySan said...

good to know.

csm said...

peter - yes, please.

wian - no. nectar/honey is collected as bee-food for the winter period.
fruits etc., are for propagation of species.