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Sunday, March 06, 2011

rice 2 - finis

expt no. 2, which was proceeding reasonably well as per this update, has been terminated with nil output.
rats got whatever little was growing and as we waited for the grains to form and dry in the stalk, we noticed them 'disappearing'.
it was also an issue of low fertility of the soil .

so we will wait till july-aug 2011 for the next experiment to kick off.


Anonymous said...

The dog ate your homework? where's the proof?

Surio said...

You are all giving Fukuoka a bad name with such poor yields! ;-) :-D!

If what you write is true, it is scary enough to be a farmer!

Sorry if this is silly, but have you tried getting in touch with this man from Tamil Nadu named Nammazhvar? He is quite famous for symbiotic farming to maximise yields and minimise casualties from all sides! Oooooh, as a completely bonker idea, you chould get a couple rat snakes for the farm?

P.S: Heard of the proverb: "During harvest times, a rat has four wives"!
Looks like you got him living in pR!

csm said...

surio - rice will be the grain to crack and we think in a couple of years.

this plot (rice 2) was hardly a regular field.

nammazhwar is a legend and one day he will come too:-) not needed now...

we must have at least 5 rat-snakes. and owls too. they would normally handle the rats.

Surio said...

Thanks for the reply. I agree. Look folks, what with Japan and all that I am reeaallllly roooting for guys like you to spearhead the self-sufficiency concept. I am getting more petrified of the connected world and its 'conveniences' with each passing day!

Chant "Fukuoka raaaks" and jump in.... All will turn out well.

P.S: Enjoyed your photos of "The cult of the Charaka" :-D!