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Thursday, March 24, 2011

milling grains - standing up

we had originally envisaged a grain processing center with a variety of traditional indian chakkis.
the regular aatta chakki had become too smooth and we could not find a worksman to do the roughening.

in DV's travails around the web, he tracked down this stand up model - wonder mill - a hand operated grain mill.
we have a stand up oil press - piteba, which we have fairly mastered.
and this would be a good companion to the oil mill.

and after using it over the last week, we give it the full thumbs up.

at USD200 it is steep, but hope that a good indian model develops from this.


Manjunath said...


As a small boy, i remember using a similar machine at my grandmother's place while visiting during summer hols ... she used to give me a bag of grains to grind and i would be at it most of the afternoon.

Since my GM's didnot have any relative outside India, i am sure she didnot have anyone getting it for her from fhoren!

The point is, such machines were available in India and maybe still in smaller towns/cities.

Anonymous said...

But the "Junior Deluxe" mill is actually made by the " finest mill craftsmen ", in, where else India!

"Because of this reason we turned to the country that produces more mills and has more expertise in Milling than any other country in the World. That country is India. It is a historical fact that some of the Worlds finest mills and finest mill craftsmen are from India. We not only chose India but we chose the best manufacturer in India to produce our Wonder Junior hand mill"


csm said...

sridhar - did not notice that...bad miss.

padiki - which part of india was your GM from?

Manjunath said...

Hi, this was in Hyderabad ... but my mom says she got it from Chennai ... and one can still find them there.

Many steel shops (especially some place called Sarvana) stock them and they apparently come in various sizes!

Surio said...

This company called Tinytech, is India based and is also into sustainable small scale scheme of things.

Not exactly a hand operated product, but then again, I feel you've got to scale this act to a slightly bigger operation in the future when more families move in. Instead of motor, you can connect it to a wind-mill, or pedal power if need be.

There's my two paisas to this post ;-)

csm said...

have bookmarked the site. looks interesting.
thanks surio.