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Thursday, March 24, 2011

building our house - part 4a - wall preparation

now that the foundation and stem wall are up, the wall follow.
since it is a skilled job, a team of masons will do the actual laying.

to speed up the job and to be a little more involved in the actual house building, we are doing some simple, but heavy work.
arranging sieved soil for the mortar and stacking up the bricks near their final location.
that is again moving around 20 tons of material over 5 working days spread over 20 days or so.

note - we will be using only soil and water mixture as mortar between the bricks. this is an accepted traditional practice, but expectedly, none of the masons have any experience in this type of mortaring.

but the good part is that the bricks and soil have been kept quite adjacent to the area.
still a lot of heave ho...

sieved soil - 2 more lots like this to do...

the brick express...

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