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Saturday, December 04, 2010

rains and more of same

to say that this year has been bounteous with rain would be like the saying that the 2G scam is a just another corruption story.
especially over the last week of nov, the intensities have just been raised to almost never before seen levels.
the cauvery delta districts have been seriously affected by the rains from 26-28 of Nov.

our own rain data is going through the charts.

Date Rain (mm)
Prior 619
17/11 60
18-19/11 15
26-27/11 140
29/11 11
1/12 155
4/12 65
Total 1065

especially notable is the 2 hours burst on 1/12 which landed over 150 mm of rain.
the impact is below.

roads flooded (the mud road leading to pR)

house floods and road is cut to let out the flood waters.

and new visitors

yes, we officially retract our earlier dances with joy on the arrival of rain ;-)

sunlight is at a premium, solar charging is hence low and hence online time is low and hence my 'ardent' followers are left perplexed :-)


Narasinga said...

The carb looks beautiful. Can we get to see your pond ?

Vetirmagal said...

Oh.. How sad!. I am sorry about the excess rains.

I can understand the feeling of not being joyous with the rains. In Hyderabad, every year we used to crave for rains, but this year, we had only wet, wetter and wetter. Unheard of in this part of the country! We are sick of cloudy skies now!!

SC said...

Great, those fish I suggested are now gonna be there, whether you like it or not! ;)