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Monday, November 22, 2010

advani was spot on

over 2 years ago, pitched against the UPA coalition, the NDA prime ministerial candidate - advani - took a direct and headlong strategy of attacking MMS, calling him the 'weakest prime minister ever'.

while advani lost the battle, he could not have been more correct in his assessment of MMS.
gadkari says it very beautifully - 'PM has given DMK the freedom to loot the country'.

i was rejoicing in 2008, when the indian electorate returned the UPA into government.
in my support to UPA1 and my current disgust with UPA2, the commies cause the pivotal shift. wish they were still around.


Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog and watching with interest what you are doing at Point Return. I have been an avid reader of GNI.

It is indeed a bold step and even bolder is that you have opened up your life with this blog posts.

Just a suggestion, stick to Point Return and give us updates on your progress of rain water harvesting and how you are turning a wasteland into a green oasis. That is your core strength.

You are zero in understanding politics. Your support for UPA1 and UPA2 and now your cry for the commies to return is a giveaway. You want the crony-capitalism, the license raj to return and yes just because you are at point return does not give you the moral arrogance to lecture others on politics.

If you so much love the commies, please go and visit Nandigram. I will sign in later, but again request for you to stick to what you do best. Definitely not politics.

Shankar (the friend, not the brother) said...


looks like one needs to point out the obvious - this is csm's blog, where he writes his opinions. if you don't like what you read here, I 'suggest' you stop reading it rather than 'suggesting' to csm what he should or shold not write about on his blog. I don't agree with everything I read here - that is the point of reading what others write - to get different perspectives.

It is clear you disagree with CSM's politics. If you have any sensible arguments to counter his views, present those rather than a substace-less post, so one can have a civilized exchange of views.

Kishore said...

I agree with Shankar that whoever is hiding behind "anon" has no business lecturing CSM on CSM's blog about his knowledge of politics.

What I have seen is that CSM has handled discussions on this blog with great restraint and class. There have been many different facets of pointReturn and its implications in society, nature etc that have been discussed eloquently.

I agree with CSM, that Dr.Singh has been quite poor in his performance. It is obvious that the nation has been looted by his "allies" while it appears that he just wants to hold onto the PM's post and the perks that go with it.

It is hard to imagine that a person of his intellect would not know about the thievery or more aptly, prostitution that these lawmakers are indulging in. It appears that anything is for sale at a price. No matter what the scandal, there seems to be no correction or even an effort to do so.

If the PM has any love for the nation he should resign, with a clear statement that he cannot stand by and watch these actions. Will he? We will see what happens.

As for CSM, the commies are the most unpatriotic b...... that exist in India. From first hand experience, I know that only loyalty is to their cause and they will do anything fair or more likely, foul to take us to their masters in China (now that Russia has abandoned this failed model)

I am still enjoying your journey, albeit, vicariously.

csm said...

my early reactions was to:
1. delete the comment
2. reply in kind
3. stop all anon comments on the blog

i let it pass knowing that none of the above is civilised.

anon - appreciate the spirit of giving feedback, but let us share that with respect. i believe that this is more important than political acumen.
my post was my opinion and not a lecture and even if it was, there is no compulsory attendance.

shankar dost and kishore - many thanks for writing in support and with clarity.

my reference to the commies was not to support them in all that they do (say WB, kerala, etc). i invoked them from the standpoint that UPA1 had far less arrogance and that was only due to the lack of majority and their dependancy on the outside support of the commies. this check and balance was critical and will remain critical if MMS and his ilk are at the helm.

Anonymous said...

I think you shouldn't attack our politicians, they are so pure, so white, and noble.
I know you are not that bold, if you were, then you'd be fighting the toe-nibbling rats in point return, rather than idle before a computer.
But if you manage to start a license-raj with commies, funded by the chinese, i'll take a 2% cut. Thank you.

madhavi said...

hello csm
long time no blog - hope you are doing good.not sure of how to contact you - so ---
was just reading up on biodynamic farming - quite a few farms practising it in Gujarat - since you had been to Saveji's farm and also know about Urbanleaves (preeti patil) of mumbai invloving amirit mitti - what are your thoughts and what you have been able to implement at pointReturn. sometimes too many good things is bad so which method to follow.
looking forward to your reply

csm said...

madhavi - write to me on sriramskd AT gmail