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Monday, December 13, 2010

winter is here

they say that the arrival of mists indicate the end of the monsoon and the onset of winter.
we were totally misted out for 2 hours today morning.

so, except for the rare-depression led rains, we are well and truly into the winter growing season.

enjoy the pics.

the sun is a ghostly galleon...


madhavi said...

wonderful pictures - warm shawl, hot coffee and a book are the order for the day. Nothing beats the myterious mist - part of the attration of the hills are the mist passing. enjoy enjoy

Manjunath said...

Hi, i see a second wind device ... what is the genesis of that?

SurveySan said...

nice clicks.
good timing too, our photo contest title for this month is dawn (adhikaalai).


csm said...

m - nice imagination. we had none of the three :-)
just cover up your ears and head out to the fields.
the best time to be out there in the middle of it all. just too lovely to be wasted indoors ;-)

p - thats our under investigation wind turbine. it has been there in other snaps too. have not yet written about it as it has not been an able companion to the solar chargers as anticipated. probably this is a poor wind zone.

ss - thanks and thats timing.