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Monday, December 06, 2010

no respite - chappar phad ke

you must have read about our rained in status.

as if we have not had enough, here is the latest weather map - Dec 6th 2010 @0800 hrs

and add the serious cold in the air (today morning was a jaw dropping 14 deg C).
as i type this at 1430 hours, it is still an unbelievable 17 deg C.
(yes, yes...our temp gauge works.)

add the wind chill, it is quite something. (this wind is what is keeping our power situation above water with the solar panels totally packing up for this period).
sweaters, socks, monkey caps are all out and in full use.

we are safe, dry, well stocked and enjoying the darkness and the season in each others' company.


Vanessa said...

I was, in fact, wondering if your thermometer is working! Hope you HAVE the stuff you mention - monkey caps and all. I never possessed a sweater when I lived in Mumbai :)
The weather map does look ominous. Take care and be safe.

Vanessa said...
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SC said...

That dried karela must be quite handy now! ;)

Madhavi said...

Due to cyclonic effects HYD is very cold right now. it is like living in OOty which is nice but would like to have this weather in april and may.
looks like the rain gods are having the last laugh.
be safe

SurveySan said...

vow. ensoy.

csm said...

that cold spell is over and so too seem the rains.
we may at best have a few brief spells. it is coming close to mid dec and the cool climes of TN winter should be nice and bracing...